Ah yes, the dark souls of mobile games

- - - What's this? - - -

Ever felt bored one weekend and wanted to play videogames? Well I kinda did last week... ...except that I wanted to make one instead. That's when I wanted to create Tetragrid, which is inspired by the Rubik's cube. I finished that one in less than 12 hours, which was quick enough to keep me busy for a bit... ...but that died quickly. So I was once again wanting to create yet another game, and this time I decided to remake an old game. Flappy Bird! One of the simplest yet most adictive games in the mobile market (that's actually good).

- - - How it was made - - -

I made this in Game Maker Studio 2.2 under 8 hours. Most of the sprites/sounds were taken from the Spriters Resource and the Sounds Resource, but I only used gameplay as reference for gameplay. Flappy Bird was taken down in 2014 so, it's nearly impossible for me to get it without entering to a sketchy website.

It's very easy to write code for Flappy Bird. You create the pipes after each time with an offset, have a vertical speed for the bird and add gravity to it, and set the image angle to the vertical speed and, that's basically it.

I have no idea if I'm going to do anything with this, but it's a pretty accurate recreation so at least now the world has a PC remake for Flappy Bird that's not a Crappy Bird.

- - - Download - - -

You want to play it? Sure! Here's the download link!

Apk version? Go ahead! (tho it might be buggy lol)

If you're the creator of Flappy Bird and want to take this down, that's ok. Make sure to contact me so I remove the link.

This was a fun little coder exercise and I hope you enjoyed it! :D

- - - - - -